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Pixel 3 vs. iPhone XS vs. Galaxy S9

The display size of the Pixel is 5.5 inches is a “flexible” OLED, 5.8 inches AMOLED for the Samsung Galaxy S9, and the iPhone XS has a 5.8 inches Super Retina, with a pixel density of 443ppi, 570ppi, and 458ppi respectively.

Pixel 3 mobile’s software is Android 9 Pie, iPhone XS having iOS 12 and Samsung Galaxy S9 having Android 8.0 Oreo. Additionally, all these phones come with a RAM of 4GB.

iPhone XS has a 12 MP (standard), 12 MP (teleport) camera, the Samsung Galaxy S9 a 12Mp camera and the Pixel 3 with a 12.2 MP camera, as well as 7MP, 8 MP and Dual 8Mp front-facing cameras respectively.

Dangers of AI

Artificial Intelligence or as it commonly known AI ranges from self-driving vehicles, Siri, human-like robots among many, and despite having its advantages, in the wrong hands, AI can be dangerous and below are some of the dangers.

• AI systems can be used in spreading information about a particular company which may be untrue with the sole aim of destroying the firm’s image to its clients and the general public.

• Increased use of pre-programmed robots to carry out various manual tasks such as cleaning, deliveries or as factory machines could see these bots hijacked and used to deliver something malicious like an explosive, thus causing mass casualties.

• Bots may attack an online service store subsequently making its service delivery less secure since it attacks the legitimate users. Companies at risk of experiencing this type of cyberattack are those possessing online databases and providing digital services.


Five Best Tech Cars

Jaguar i-Pace EV
With over 25,000 orders already placed in two years at “four-figure” deposits, the i-Pace is fast becoming a competitor to Tesla’s Model X crossover. 0-60 mph only takes four seconds and travels at least 220 miles when fully charged.

Lexus LS 500
It has a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 415 hg and has twin turbos as well as a 10-speed automatic. Additionally, from 0-60 mph takes approximately 4.5 seconds.

This sedan is 10th in sales among conventional compact cars with a more firm chassis, additional linear energy to shift from a road bump to springs and new seats that allow the spine a natural S-curve.

It is expectedly 193 inches long with three seat rows, runs on diesel as well as a hybrid variant. Finally, six to eight-cylinder options will be available.

Chevrolet Blazer
It has a size of 188 inches along a full suite of drive assists which come in handy during long-drive traveling.

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