How Long Are Your Bullets Good For?

Unlike common belief, bullets do have a particular shelf life. Typically, their shelf life can go up to several decades. They have even last longer under the right conditions. However, you should note that certain conditions can limit your ammo shelf life- maybe it might not make it up to ten years.

This factor makes ammunition’s shelf life to be relative depending on the condition of maintenance. So, How Long, what are these factors that can deteriorate the life of your ammo?

Causes of deterioration?

One of the significant causes of deterioration factors for ammo is exposure to moisture, high temperatures, and oxygen. The lead metal, making up the ammo, can react with these components and impact the cartilage’s explosive charge. Lucky enough for you, manufacturers, today, cover bullets with metal, which protects the interaction of the explosive charge and lead with air. Nonetheless, you can extend their shelf life by storing using sawdust and tight seals.

What Are Favorable Conditions for Storing Ammo?

If you store your ammunition in a dry, dark room- your ammo strikes a better chance to last for decades. Moreover, there are some practices you can consider if you want to extend shelf life even longer. For instance, you can store your ammo in a vacuum-sealed container or a dark cellar with a device regulating humidity levels.

Practical Tips

Often, ammo will be exposed to harsh conditions during hunting, combat, and so on. However, manufacturers today make sure that your ammo cannot deteriorate for such short-term exposure. Nonetheless, during that outdoor activity, it is recommendable you store your ammo in an airtight container.

You can also keep it under a tent or away from heat sources such as vehicle engines or generators to protect it from direct sun rays and excessive heat. If you happen to have lots of ammunition in the store, you should first use the old ammunition.

How To Recycle Spent Ammo?

You can recycle your ammunition, but not just after firing your shot. Especially is the fired bullet hit something; it will too be deformed to for re-use on the spot. However, you can melt these bullets and cast them into new ones. Click here for more details about recycling spent ammo.

In conclusion, we all know that ammunition access can be limited, so we want to preserve it. Although bullets can last for up to a decade or several, it is good practice to follow particular practices to extend this shelf life.